Roadside Assistance

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“A bad situation does not give you an advance notice to get prepared”.

We are well equipped to help you immediately when you come across the stressful situations like an emergency breakdown or during an accident. Our team of professionals takes immense pride in providing round the clock assistance to our clients.

The sole objective of IMC’s Roadside Assistance is to dedicatedly support its customers and provide an array of comprehensive services basis eligibility. IMC promises a professional team of highly skilled roadside consultants at your service 24 X 7.


Due to uncertain situations, if the customer meets with an accident or during car breakdown and the journey cannot be continued, IMC will tow the vehicle to the garage of the customer’s choice.

Car batteries can go flat without any warnings, and it is another dreadful situation. IMC will help the customer by providing battery boosting service, which will enable the members to carry on with their journey.

A flat tyre is not your mistake; but a bad situation to be in. IMC will come and help you change tyre with a spare tyre of the car; and if no spare tyre is available, IMC will tow the vehicle to the nearest garage within UAE borders.

Incase you run-out of fuel during your journey, IMC will provide fuel to you so that you can continue with your journey.

The most dreadful situation will be realizing that the keys are locked inside your car.

This situation can be faced by anybody, anywhere, anytime. If the keys are locked inside the vehicle, IMC will make attempts to gain access to the keys so that the members can carry on with their journey.